We Sell the Cars. You Get the Credit. Enterprise Car Sales can help your credit union succeed.

Credit Union Auto Buying Service

As a family owned business for over 50 years, Enterprise Car Sales has served over 500,000 credit union members – generating over $8 billion in loan volume. We offer an auto-buying service that helps you:
  • Increase loan volume
  • Strengthen member loyalty
Increase Auto Loans

Increase Auto Loan Volume

We offer extensive programs and services to help you increase auto loan volume:
  • Everyday Sale® Programs — To continually offer your members a great car-buying experience.
  • Special Sales Events – To help you drive high auto loan volume quickly, during select times.
  • Marketing Support – So you can achieve a competitive return on your investment.
As our partner, when you refer members to us, we will refer them back to you for financing 100% of the time.

Strengthen Member Loyalty

We value our customers and work hard to keep them satisfied, much the same way you do with your members. Providing quality vehicles and exceptional customer service has produced unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction.
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